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Voice Post

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(no transcription available)

This is me reading a movie monologue from a movie called, "Things to Come." I always wanted to do more in drama. Enjoy (if you happen to listen)

PHOTO: Sunset

Photo from our Bahama Cruise in Jan of 2006. It was lovely, we were just sad since my husband's dad had died and we'd miscarried our baby back in November of 2005. But it was still nice to have a change of scene.

Photos of Children

My almost 19 month old running to me.

My 3 kids on the hotel bed at Pickwick Landing State Park

Above: My 4 year old daughter in the interactive fountain at River Heritage Park in Florence.

Photos of my children

My husband was getting ready for work at 330am and then my baby woke up. It will be a long day. Since I am up anyways, here are some photos.

My 4 year old, just hanging around:)

My son with his cake. His birthday was April but the party was May.

My 18 month old loves to swing.

Book: "Life on the Refrigerator Door"

I recommend the book:

"Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes between a Mother and Daughter"
By: Alice Kuipers

Great Book! Simple yet very well-crafted.


I highly recommend this movie:


It is rated R and there is some nudity but I do feel the message outweighs it enough.

It's about the Holocaust and our desire to live but at what cost?

It makes me realize I don't value my life as much as I should. I am more blessed than I usually realize and should make more of each day.

I really think it's a good movie.

It made me sad only us and 1 other couple were in the theater. If nothing else, we all need to remember what happened in the Holocaust and this movie makes it so much more personal than just knowing so many died.

Poem for April 14th

"Born Sleeping"
By: Maria L. Coble

She said, "She was born sleeping."
Such depth of sadness in those soft words.

As moms, we sit around and "count" our children
And most of us mention the ones that never were.

"Since I miscarried at 8 weeks..."
"It was a little girl, only 15 weeks along..."

Most don't want to hear of sadness

But these are our friends.

So as we recount each delivery
Each c-section
We also count the ones that are gone.

This is the only time they "can count" to others

But my friend's story
Her 22 week old baby
"Angel was born sleeping"

She speaks without tears
After all these years.
Yet her words echo
With the deepest heartache
I have ever heard.

3rd Poem of April

"The Ride"
By: Maria L. Coble

"Should I or shouldn't I?"
The chocolate-covered cherry lotion
It smelled SO good
It was on sale
To me, it smelled of romance

What would my husband think?

Tights for daughter's ballet photos
Ribbons for her tap shoes
A baseball bat (finally!) for my son's first game

Checking out,
Oh, no, there is no way.

$5 over
The lotion has to go back
Silly how it hurts to put it back

The baby kept throwing her shoe

And my 4 year old asks,
"Mommy, was I good?"
"Sure," I say, still irked
(Sometimes I just want $5, just $5)

"Was I good enough to ride the ride?"

To ride the ride,
I know she asks every time
Recently, it's always been "no"
We have to rush to something else.

I just want to go home!
So I start to say no
But suddenly, I remember
I remember how
When I was little
The most interesting thing about shopping was:
Would I get to ride the ride this time?

When I was little,
It was a merry-go-round
With 3 seats

Mom always said "no"
(And today, I finally know why)

Sometimes, my sister and I
Would stand by the ride
If a single child got on,
We would ask if we could ride
The empty two horses
Since they already paid.
Sometimes it worked.
That short ride
Yet somehow, a ride of pure bliss

"Can I, Mommy, please?!"

"Yes," I say
I put the shoes on the baby AGAIN
Put them both in the taxi ride
And watch them for a moment

All these years later
In their eyes too, shines:
This is bliss and pure delight.

How often when you're old
Can you feel pure delight
For 50 cents?